Pikniki.si ‒ everything you need for a perfect picnic

Picnics have always been a popular way of socialising, be it special occasions or just an outdoor barbecue lunch. However, the organising a picnic may often cause us some difficulties. Choosing the right location, preparing the grill, selecting the food and deciding on its volume so none stay hungry and no leftovers remain… These are only a few of the problems we face when preparing for a picnic.

This is why we at Eta decided to prepare the pikniki.si website. On it, you can find the answers to all the questions related to the preparation of an excellent picnic.

On this website, you can look at many picnic locations throughout Slovenia, including contact information, descriptions and evaluations.

You can also browse through interesting recipes and advice about baking and preparing delicious side dishes, salads, desserts and so on. The website also features abundant information on equipment needed for hosting a good picnic (selecting an appropriate grill, food containers, cutlery, party props, comfort items, sun protection, bugs, bad weather etc.).

Also undoubtedly useful are two applications added to the website, the picnic calculator and the party planner. The picnic calculator suggests, in a very simple way, the quantity of individual food items you need to buy for a defined number of persons, while the party planner enables you to inform friends and monitor their responses about the picnic or party you are hosting through pikniki.si

Have a lovely picnic.