Slovenian Natureta Mustard in the Mustard Museum

Who on the sunny side of the Alps is not familiar with the legendary Natureta Mustard? But only a few know that this mustard is also known on the other side of the world.

In 2013, Slovenian Natureta Mustard became part of the world’s largest collection of mustard in the National Mustard Museum in Wisconsin, USA. This museum has a collection of more than 5500 mustards from over 70 countries, and Slovenia is represented with the classical Natureta Mustard and Natureta Whole Grain Mustard, known also as Kamnik “ženof” mustard, which was launched at the 90th anniversary of the company.

The founder and curator of the museum Barry Levenson gave this statement upon receiving both Slovenian mustards: »The products look fantastic and I am very excited that Slovenia is now also represented in our museum.”

The mentioned mustard has been produced in Natureta since 1923 following an old original recipe by Stanko Žargi, who founded this family-run business under the Kamnik Alps. Because of this 90-year-old tradition that has been preserved until today, Natureta produces more than 750 tons of mustard every year. Our mustard is not only popular on the sunny side of the Alps, but also in 14 other countries.