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The beetroot, which has been grown for Eta Kamnik in the surroundings of Ptuj for decades by local farmers who passed this business down from generation to generation, is of the sort borlotti and is typically high in dry matter which gives it the distinctive sweetish taste. This is why the saying “But the only real beetroot is from Eta!” is so common. This exceptional vegetable is trending up all round the globe, because it is low in calories and has many therapeutic effects. This is why Eta decided in 2016 to start preparing beetroot with a much milder taste, making it suitable for cooking and not as a salad. Thus we developed a diced beetroot cooked in mild brine. You can add the beetroot cubes to chickpea spreads, patties, egg sauces, walnut and feta spreads or simply mix it with mashed potatoes. Click here to download the short brochure accompanying the first series of the new product. Did you know? Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a vegetable that was already cultivated by the Babylonians. The Romans later used it as a medicinal herb for treating fever and indigestion. Both taproot and leaves are edible and used for consumption. In the Slovenian cuisine, beetroot is often served pickled as a salad, while it is very popular in Eastern Europe served as a soup called boršč. Beetroot is a rich source of magnesium, folic acid, potassium, iron, chromium and manganese.s Preliminary research results show that beetroot juice reduces blood pressure in individuals with hypertension and thus reduces the risk of cardio-vascular diseases.  

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