About us

Eta Kamnik, d.o.o., is a boutique producer of high-quality food products. We own and manage four well-established food brands with a total of more than 500 products produced at two locations.

Eta Kamnik dates back to 1923 and is one of the leading providers of food products and vinegars in the region. Despite our tradition, which we have remained faithful to, we are innovative and ground-breaking and have been growing successfully for a decade now. In 2018, we acquired, relocated and continue to prepare and bottle the Talis and Renški hram brands, and at the end of 2021, we acquired Proconi from Murska Sobota from its French owners.


Our products under the Natureta brand can be found in almost all EU markets, as well as in Russia and Canada, while our Renški hram and Talis vinegars and our ready-to-eat Pogrej & pojej (Heat&Eat) meals are mainly offered on the domestic market.

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