Natureta is a brand that operates in the brand groups of pickled (vinegar, oil, brine or sugar) vegetables and legumes, prepared meals, deli side dishes and spreads, frozen vegetables, rice, fruit spreads and compotes. Sterilised and pasteurised food products with longer shelf-life, mainly based on vegetable and fruit raw materials. Most of Natureta’s products can be found at room temperature, with the exception of the horseradish family, which are chilled, i.e., refrigerated.

The Renški hram brand of vinegars, named after the village of Renče in the lower Vipava Valley, where entrepreneur Stanko Weitzer’s factory was established in the 1960s, is the strongest Slovenian brand of vinegars, winning the loyalty of its customers with its characteristic strong aroma, carefully selected raw materials and ageing in oak barrels.

It is followed by the Talis brand of vinegars, which originates from the Štajerska Region, where for decades local apple growers and winemakers have been selling apples for vinegar to the local cooperative, which developed its own unique blends of vinegars and pickling bacteria. Talis was the first of the Slovenian vinegar brands to get an interesting new product, Kis za dom (vinegar for household use), which has an alcohol level of 12% instead of the usual 9%, making it more effective as a natural cleaning agent.

Pogrej & pojej is a brand of ready-to-eat single-serve meals that combines a wide range of recipes with the promise of freshness and deliciousness as well as carefully selected fresh ingredients. The products are produced at Eta Kamnik’s production facility in Murska Sobota. Meals contain carefully selected meat, have shorter shelf lives and can be found in refrigerators. These ready-to-eat meals are “prepared just like at home”, and regardless of whether they are cooked, braised, roasted or grilled, they are filled into containers, hermetically sealed and pasteurised. This process allows the meals to have a longer shelf life without the addition of preservatives.

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