Gramatura: 215 g

This jam is made from I. class apricots harvested at the peak of the season and cooked in Eta’s production as an independent product, which consumers could find on supermarket shelves for many years now already, but now we have added cinnamon to it for all foodies. Because many housewives prepare their home-made apricot jam or marmalade with cinnamon, we decided to prepare this somewhat “festive” version based on the classic apricot jam. Its label is different and is a great gift idea. Together with the cranberry jam with ginger and cloves it can bring joy to anyone. Did you know?  There are roughly two origins or kinds of cinnamon: cassia (Cinnamomum cassia), first mentioned in Chinese sources almost five thousand years ago, and Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamon zeylanicum), first mentioned much later in European sources in the 13th century. Ceylon cinnamon has a finer aroma, while cassia has a stronger flavour and rougher aroma. In both cases, the cinnamon is the dried inner layer of bark from both aforementioned cinnamon trees, which are related to the Mediterranean bay laurel. The apricot jam “gift” contains the cassia cinnamon, as we require a stronger and more persistent aroma when preparing a couple of tonnes of jam.

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