Natureta’s cranberry jam was picked as the basis for this prestigious, gourmet taste, to which we added two “winter” spices: cloves from the clove tree and ginger. This is how this uniquely rich flavour of spice and fruit came to be and can be used for enriching various desserts. The speciality of Natureta fruit jams is a lower nutritional value with 30% less sugar than in regular fruit jams, and the fact that they are made of whole fruits. Where do cloves grow and how are they extracted? In the Far East, in Indonesia, grows an evergreen bush from the myrtle family. It can even grow up to 12 m in height and reach over 350 years of age. It develops tiny inflorescences, its flower buds are of a creamy pale colour and its bud stalks are green. They change their colour to an interesting purple red right before blooming. The best harvest time is just before the tiny white flowers start opening up. The buds are then dried until they turn brown and become brittle. Their enticing scent has captivated the people all around the world since ancient history. Did you know? Traditional Chinese medicine uses clove oil for increasing the yang energy in kidneys, spleen and stomach. Cloves re-establish the energy flow where the body is lacking warmth. Ayurveda uses cloves for the Vata and Kapha types of people, meaning where there’s a lack of warmth.

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