Gramatura: 290 g

This fine sauce of the new generation is, like the Bolognese and basic Natureta sauce, more of an exception on supermarket shelves, as it is prepared with freshly harvested tomatoes Lušt. There’s a pleasant smell in the air in Kamnik, when tomatoes and onions, sautéed on olive oil and abundantly refined with vegetables and chilli peppers are simmering in Eta’s cooking pots. The sauce has a spiciness that does not linger, and the Mediterranean meets world cuisine on top of the aromatic royal Thai Jasmine rice – right in your kitchen. Did you know? Chillies are cayenne or hot peppers, known for their fiery flavour. The chilli is said to have a beneficial effect on digestion and to relieve pain. Its healing properties are attributed to its oil component capsaicin.

Mediteranska kuhinja

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