Partially ground Wholegrain Mustard

Gramatura: 190 g

At Eta, we have developed the difficult process of partially grinding mustard seeds and stirring them into mustard with special stirrers for a relatively long time, as its consistency differs from the mustard prepared after the traditional recipe. Its aim was to reach the sharp flavour mustard already has on its own, but that is softened in classic recipes by allowing it to dissipate or while waiting to be filled. The full flavour of this fine plant remains intact with partially ground wholegrain mustard, sealed in a glass jar, for everyone with a taste for sharpness. Did you know? The exact ratio between white and black mustard seeds in Eta’s mustard recipes is a secret we watch over below the Kamnik Alps, but we can tell you this: mustard was one of Eta’s first products manufactured already in 1923 and the millstone used in our machines is an exact replica of the first millstone used decades ago, when seeds were still ground “by hand”.

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